Kasie Cook


ADDRESS: 3311 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

OFFICE: 971.373.8294


Being raised in the Columbia River Gorge gave me an appreciation for our community and the beauty of our area. After moving away to continue my education I quickly realized that there was no better place to call home than the gorge, I knew I could not stay away for long.

After a few years I returned to my hometown The Dalles OR in 2017 and that is when I jumped into the crazy world of real estate as an office/transaction manager.During that time I learned the “ins and outs” of the industry. As time passed, I wanted to be able to help people in a larger way so I diligently obtained my Oregon real estate license in 2019 but did not actively practice until the start of 2020.

I decided to become an agent because I want to help others navigate the chaos that is buying or selling real estate. I remember how scary it was and how many unknowns there were when my fiance and I purchased our first house. Having someone by your side that knows what to do is not only smart for your investment but also for your peace of mind and I wanted to be that person.

Other than real estate I have a variety of interests. The first of which set the foundation for many aspects of my personality. I am a science enthusiast. From the time I was little I have analyzed and theorized everything I came across. I found that this helped develop skills that I use in my daily life like detail orientation, organization, analytics and documentation. My passion for science drove my interest and living in the gorge was like a playground. Growing up here I discovered a love of hiking, Identifying & pressing the native plants, and seeing the variety of wildlife.

Another passion of mine comes from my family, and that is cooking and preserving food. I remember growing up watching my grandmother prepare dinner. The air filled with the smell of southern comfort food and homemade biscuits, the same biscuits I make today. Though I keep the traditions alive I enjoy experimenting, rarely following a recipe. There is almost nothing I won’t attempt to cook but I would say Italian is one of my favorites.